Valmar J&B Asociados is a company devoted to international trade, both commercial intermediation and direct export of products, as well as assisting companies in their internationalization process.


We offer a wide range of cosmetic and hygiene products, personal care, household care, cleaning accessories, cellulose and raw materials, among other products.


International trade intermediation works in two directions, between foreign customers seeking Spanish or European suppliers and goods, as well as companies looking forward to distribute their products in foreign markets.


We developed a comprehensive service brokerage. What does this mean?

  • We search and identify the ideal supplier according to the guidelines and requirements of our customers. 
  • Among all suppliers contacted, we personally visit the facilities of those companies which in our opinion meet the requirements of our client, as to have a first-hand feedback of the company structure, facilities and products they offer or produce.
  • If the client requires so, and in cooperation with our qualified technical staff, we carry out the development of specific product adapted to market or consumer needs.
  • We carry out our own quality control and customer satisfaction audits, once the product is delivered.
  • We follow up the success of the delivered products in the target market.
  • We take care of all logistic solutions and transport hiring.
  • We assist in management of administrative and customs formalities. 
  • Whatsoever the client requires or needs.


  Our main markets and commercial action areas:

  • Europe
  • East & West Africa
  • Maghreb
  • Middle East & GCC countries


At Valmar J&B Asociados we have a special division devoted to consulting and advisory to companies looking forward to internationalization of their businesses, both companies which do not have their own export department, and companies that having their own export department do not obtain the expected results in foreign trade.

  • Don't you know how to identify business opportunities abroad?
  • Don't you know how to work with certain countries?
  • Don't you have an export department?
  • Don't you know how to identify which is the most appropriate distribution channel for your product?
  • Don't you know which trade shows to attend and how to track your customers?


Among our many services, we offer:


  • Developing an internationalization plan.
  • Diagnosis of internationalization. Study of international markets.
  • International recruitment consultancy.
  • Attendance at international tenders. Creating an export department.
  • Recruitment for internationalization.
  • Tutoring and international business management.
  • Training internationalization (documentation, regulation, document management, administration, logistics, hedging ...).


 Each company is different, so first thing to do is to study its situation, starting point, needs and targets to achieve.